4 Ingredient Lotion Bars

I have seen these all over on Pinterest and I have always wanted to make them. When you work in an office all day, trying to keep your lotion to yourself is nearly impossible, but with these lotion bars, you can hide them in an old Altoids tin, glass mason jars, Tupperware, or just about anything! Plus, it’s almost like having that bar of soap in the shower that you don’t want to use because you know it has been on someone else’s body… Yuck!


I used to live in the desert of Southern California where it averages over 100 degrees all summer long, so I have had problems in the past making a lot of these Pinterest items because they tend to melt everywhere after I store them because of the Coconut Oil that is a huge main ingredient in most of these DIY items online. (As you can see by my huge container of Coconut Oil is always melted just by sitting in my pantry) I have now found the perfect recipe that works for me and this weather we have. Yay!


 Here are the Items you will need and what my recipe calls for. This will make about four large bars or six small ones. I will give you a list and link of all the items I used and where you can get them from at the end, so be patient, read carefully, and then go shopping!




– 6 Tablespoons Coconut Oil

– 6 Tablespoons Raw Cocoa Butter

– 8 Tablespoons Beeswax (either pellets or grated)

– 5 to 6 drops of Essential oil of your choosing (optional)

– 4 Drops food coloring of your choosing (optional)


Other Items needed:


– Foil in case of spillage

– Silicon Molds

– Glass measuring cup (or double boiler)

– Stick for Mixing


1st Step

I use a glass measuring cup and my trusty microwave because during the summer, it is way to hot to have the stove on for too long, but it works just the same to me as it would be with a double boiler.

Mix the coconut oil, raw cocoa butter and the beeswax in your glass measuring cup and place in the microwave for 10 – 15 second intervals. Take the cup out and stir with a wooden spoon or stick (I use a wooden skewer so I can just toss it when I am done). After about four to five times of stirring it should be melted. (The tip to heating and melting these ingredients are not for the microwave to melt it, but for the glass to get hot enough to help melt it). Once melted, let it cool for about a minute. Don’t worry, it won’t harden just yet.


2nd Step

Once you let it cool for about a minute, you can add your essential oils and the color if you want.


3rd Step

Now you are ready to pour, once everything is nice and mixed, pour your mixture into your molds then place your mold in the freezer for about 30 minutes.


4th Step!

After they are done hardening in the freezer you can pop them out of those molds and enjoy!


For storing:

If you live in a hot place like I do, I would suggest to leave these in the freezer for a few days locked in zip-lock bags so they don’t capture all the smells of your freezer. However if it isn’t summer time, or if you keep your house at 70 degrees or below, you should be fine with storing them in jars or in virtually anything you would like to package them in!


List of Ingredients and the links on where to get them:


Coconut Oil

Beeswax Pellets

Essential Oil

Silicon Molds


Please let me know if you have any questions or if you just liked my Recipe!


Easy 5 Minutes – Long Necklace Rack!

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